Interview with Trader Who Had Been Losing for Ten Years

Interview with Trader Who Had Been Losing for Ten Years

The most tragic moment in my life is trading futures, which seems to be a lift, ups and downs. Its not far from the heaven, and more close to the hell. When you are devoured by desires, the futures become the tomb.” said a trader who had been losing for ten years.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.

  The 51-year-old trader, Mr. Gu, was attracted by the high profits of futures trading a decade ago, but ignored the potential risk, which caused heavy losses. Being obsessed with trading futures due to the gambling psychology, he borrowed too much money from his family and friends, ending up homeless.

  When asked, “why dont you leave this industry that renders you failed and sad”, he replied, “ having been trading futures for many years, I believe that I can success and achieve wealth freedom. And with my mature trading system, a stable profit will be realized two years later”.

  “Too much cost has been invested in the industry, so I cannot quit ”. Reviewing the failure in his trading career, he suggests that traders should quit and find another way to make a living or ask the expert for help, if they struggle in futures trading.

  We respect everyone who are persistent. But traders should consider how to follow the steps of the ever-changing futures industry. Do you fall behind?

  If you are exhausted, close your phone, and decide whether to continue to trade or not after a profound consideration.

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