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JERUSALEM, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) attacked targets in the Gaza Strip overnight, after bullets were fired from the enclave toward a southern Israeli community, the military said Thursday.

""Yesterday, Sept. 2 ingrosso nike air max zero , shots were fired from Gaza Strip toward southern community of Netiv Ha'asara, hitting several houses,"" the IDF said in the statement on Thursday.

The bullets hit several homes but caused no injuries, the statement said.

""In response to the shooting, an Israeli Air Force aircraft targeted a Hamas military post in northern Gaza Strip ingrosso nike air max 180 , from where the shots were fired,"" the statement said.

Netiv Ha'asara is the closest Israeli community to the Gaza Strip enclave, situated about 100 meters away from the Gaza border fence.

Israeli media outlets reported on Wednesday evening that the bullets were the result of errant fire from a Hamas training camp.


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