If you're an NFL Street or Blitz enthusiast you should be excited

Yeah, but it opens the door to get a routine NFL 2K game. It is faster and a whole lot simpler to develop an arcade football game than it would be to develop a simulation game. They do say they have several games in evolution. Actually, would they be able to announce a new Madden rival while EA has their license? I would be expecting a arcade football game next year then maybe 2022 or 23 they create a suitable NFL game in the event the licensing permits. I think people sometimes underestimate what is necessary to effectively build a game from the bottom up. EA can launch a new Madden every year because they take the same match and alter maybe one or two things. If they're doing a suitable NFL game, it's gont require 2k some time to build this up.

If you're an NFL Street or Blitz enthusiast you should be excited, but if you believe this is the dawn of an improved franchise mode, you have been duped by misleading headlines and imitation news.EA already put out a statement saying they are nevertheless the EXCLUSIVE provider of NFL simulation games. In the statement they said this deal with the NFL always enabled for someone else to create non-simulation games so that it's nothing new on the business front either.Disheartening seeing so many people celebrate like this means we'll be getting a fantastic franchise style or whatever sim related. Top remark says"that they have to use billions in MTX to increase gameplay and franchise".So naive. It is business as usual.

I believe that this is a very negative take on the circumstance. I see this as a much needed step in the ideal direction. At this point in time the NFL has little to gain from giving their game to 2k. They can go into 2021 and extend EA's permit for one more decade and take in their cash. This 2K game is not going to be quite as profitable as Madden and the NFL understands that. The money they make from the name will be a drop in the bucket for them. To me this demonstrates the NFL cares at least a little about how they are portrayed in Madden 20 NFLs. I see this grab for the NFL.

I'm not naive, but I know this doesn't guarantee that EA is not likely to get an extension but this is far better than the NFL doing nothing. In terms of EA's announcement, they are correct. Until 2021. Why would they put out a statement saying"We are now the exclusive provider of NFL games but that is subject to change later on.". It is just basic PR to repay shareholders and the fanboys down. It shouldn't be disheartening. We all know we aren't obtaining a simulation game but this is at the very least a change in the chain of mediocrity.

Except it is not. They aren't creating a simulation game. Being the exact same sport =/= competition. Calling this competition would be like promising Blitz the League was contest to Madden. Competition would be offering a similar alternative. Something which fills the same niche. That is not what this is. They especially are not even allowed to do that. Going by what has been said these won't be games which will offer exactly what the Madden viewers are actually searching for or something to stand up from Madden. At best it is likely to be a side game that a number of the same audience picks up and likes however it's not going to cut to EA's marketplace whatsoever because it's not even striving to find the identical kind of audience.

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