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Lace front wigs are divided into synthetic wigs and human hair lace front wigs by materials.

A synthetic hair wig is made of chemical fibre, so it poor fidelity. The wearer feels itchy, It is easy to react with the scalp. But the price is cheap and the styling lasts; The wig that a real person hair does is to choose the pure person hair that passes processing to make and become, Its fidelity is high and knot not easily. It can be a bureau, dye, hot. The Brazilian lace front wig is a convenient changeover hairstyle, but the price is higher and the qualitative effect is not too good.

In ancient East Asia, wigs were usually made of human hair, some were made of silk thread, and two materials could be combined to make wigs. Due to the limited amount of human hair, the higher the proportion of human hair, the more expensive the wig and the more advanced it looks.

In ancient Egypt and ancient Europe, in addition to the use of human hair to make lace closure wigs, horsehair, wool and other animal hair and plant fibres are also made of materials. It is also the most expensive that human hair is made of.

Nowadays, the technique of making a wig is gradually mature and the level of making the wig is getting higher and higher. In addition to the traditional natural materials, some chemical fibres such as nylon, fibreglass, rayon and other materials were used to make wigs. Because synthetic hair has been conditioned, it can be brushed or sprayed with gel, making it easier to handle. Of course, some cheap lace front wigs are a mixture of human and synthetic hair.

Among human hair, virgin hair is the best, because it’s not dyed and permed black hair, it can be dyed in different colours and easier to style. A few advanced synthetic hairs are superior to human hair in the respect such as appearance, feel, colour and lustre, hang, but a few low-grade synthetic hairs appear coarse, distortion, also do not endure to see.

Since many people in developed countries have perms and dyes, the hair used to make hd frontal wigs is mostly obtained from developing countries such as China, India and Southeast Asia.

In India, Hindus at Tirupati often donate their hair as a sign of piety, employs a total of 600 temple barber for believers haircut, every couple of days have tons of hair from out of the temple warehouse, sent to another big factory processed, the finished product exported to the United States, France and other western countries. The temple is able to export 90 tons of hair a year, earning more than 300 million rupees.

Statistics show that one in ten real hair products in the United States comes from India.

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