I played with PSO religiously as a child

Sure there's other things to pso2 sales do between EQs, however for the most part, obtaining BiS equipment is by way of EQs. Which is pretty much the end game of PSO2 I suppose, other than cosmetics from the top gacha. It's a arcade game after all. And boy has the energy creep hit quickly, often quicker than I am in a position to catch up, although I'm not sitting in my computer camping EQs 24/7. Its fun while you're levelingup, and beginning to gear up, but end game is a slow burn. Making it an ideal side match, since you just have to log in if the EQ you need is up.

Otherwise, enjoy the journey! The most efficient way, apart from selling things out of the top gacha, are dailies, which you would do on all of your alts for maximum gain/day.

In terms of gearing, you will not need very good gear to perform EQs, unless you are really tryhard. You very rarely fail EQs on JP servers, unless everybody is bad, since they're typically lenient enough. Even though there are some Japanese elitists who blacklist and judge individuals according to their equipment and class mix. But do feel free to choose style instead of optimisation, because it will not matter too much, unless you are attempting to set records for TAs (time attacks AKA rate runs).

I played with PSO religiously as a child. I also played with this a bit. Disclaimer: I played with in 2015 and a lot changes in a games development and thus don't allow me to buzz kill to challenging! As soon as I played it was a 2012 release that was suppose to arrive at the west and never obtained the publisher support. I warn you, in comparison to BDO it performs like a match from 2012. Played it a shit ton and it will not be about the NA server if I do play. I feel that the NA server will die quickly because the people that wanted to play the game have already done so through the Tweaker. People who will play NA will most likely be the same that jump from mmo into mmo.

As far as ANIME is worried PSO2 has the maximum anime customization since there have been hundreds of anime related skins released into the game. The bigger question is whether PSO2NA/EU/? International? Would have access to those anime related skins or not. Sure the game could have specific game content however the biggest"selling" point of meseta pso2 is its anime makeup if they aren't there then there is gonna become an concern.