I personally cut for about RuneScape

There are far more cons than pros, but RuneScape gold that doesnt stop a lot of f2p out of using a str over a power which is only a lesser glory. A participant with 70str with just a whip (82 str bonus) will find about 95.5 damage a hit average using a glory. The identical participant using a whip will typical 98 harm a hit. That's a 2.6percent increase in damage in this situation.

In training melee in a circumstance where protection is irrelevant, only the assault and prayer is taken into consideration. In pc, the prayer is beneficial together with the assault. The prayer bonus will impact dps as much as impact prayer pot consumption if doing a prayer intensive activity outside pc. So its down to 10 strike vs 4 str. What's better? I believe, in the ideal position, str amy can be better than a glory. PC is the example ive used out.

The fury appears to be the very best of both worlds since it retains the exact same assault, but halves the str gap, making it much more viable in most scenarios. Together with the excess prayer and 15 defense to everything, its no wonder its own in the millions. All of us dont have that cash, and also furys are so shaky that im not very comfortable holding you (even tho I am now) so I want to hear what you think... What would you guys think? Is it true that the glory always the str ammy? Are there other scenarios besides pc where the str ammy may shine?

I personally cut for about an hour a day, and got from 80-99 in around three months. You'll be playing a ton, however, so in 26-35 days. I am sorry but I really don't agree with this whatsoever, albeit I am just 91 woodcutting, however I timed myself for 1 hour without going afk and I got around 77k.... In accordance with your table I must have gotten 93k.... And that was using a dragon hatchet...

These are averages. And other hours I've gotten about 103k exp an hour. Ivies are 75k Exp/hr and 80k is pushing it. 3-4 months is a secure estimate at your speed. If you get bored you can always do Stealing Generation for Hatchets which give double exp. In terms of the Firemaking question, The average logs burned per hour is 1000. So it is going to require 100 hours or not. I literally got my fire cape back this morning, so I will provide you a couple tips. 1 ranging potion, just use 2 doses before jad or buy 2007 runescape gold all 4 in jad.