I have gotten to level 94 over a couple of months

"2$ per week is too much." Okay, well that's ridiculous. Looking at the rest of the paragraph it seems like you still wish to whine about grinding so perhaps I can quell your fears of grinding for all and once with OSRS gold. A lot of individuals grind in the game, but that is because people are having high stats and worried about efficiency. The simple truth isthat you can do just about everything in a skill when you've got a 92. 92 is half of the experience and nearly as good, although I notice that in your comment you mentioned 20-99. There is A 99 supposed to be for the person who moves those miles, to give them something to really jerk their dick away to.

You should not be grinding anything from 20 already, there are loads of fun quests in Runescape to do. They are much better than any other MMORPG I have seen, and in fact better than some games which focus entirely on quests. These quests will get 40-50 to level in a lot of instances in plenty of skills, where you can in turn do more quests. Another thing you can do from an early level is Slayer. You can get things to train Herblore, Farming & Prayer, all pretty quickly, while slaying and they're like mini quests in themselves. This won't make you happy because you don't enjoy the combat of Runescape, but this is a grind. It switching up things.

I have gotten to level 94 over a couple of months as a ironman, and I'm between 50-80 on each skill but the only grinding I have done is when I am composing or watching a film and I would like to perform some of the more menial jobs in the background. "And because you stated you did not actually read some of my great criticisms" You're the one reading. I read your"good" criticisms, they were largely crap, but I did not need to push a very long response upon you earlier. "The economy is largely broken, NPC stores are unworthy and inflation is an issue" This the one thing you state that makes sense, but everybody already knows it. It is my main issue with the sport. It's why I play an Ironman, but I know not everyone would want to do that.

"The combat system isn't deep, it is the shallowest combat system of any popular MMO." If I'm wrong correct me, I've long forgotten what the man in the video has stated but I do not remember anyone claiming the battle of Runescape is deep. It is just simple and the dice rolling is appealing to a lot of players with cheap RuneScape gold. Personally, I like games like D&D and Baldur's Gate, and it's a system. "The only reason people think that it's deep is since JAGEX left in every combat insect which could be confused with a"high ability ceiling" Again, I do not think anyone calls Runescape's fight profound, but it is skill ceiling is debatable. Personally, I really don't like PVP and I know that near the skill ceiling you would not have undergone anywhere using an account at level 50 so what the hell would you know about it.