I can not decide what I want for an armor collection

Also, I've done all of the F2P quests and Witch's House, Fishing Contest, Plague City, Gertrude's Cat and Myths from snowy lands in P2P. What is some good quests for me to perform in F2P with my current levels/completed quests?

Alright, so I can not decide what I want for an armor collection. By the time that I buy armor, I will have level 70 in Attack, Power, and Defence, I am also thinking about using controlled together with the whip, since I want to raise all those stats anyway. A pretty straight forward place, but I can't determine what to use and where?

If you can, I need help deciding which set to use, or you may make up your own using these items or other items that are great but not overly expensive. I'm not into PVP at all, or battling boss creatures, but this collection will be used for training on higher leveled monsters I , also training slayer and utilized in hard quests that need fighting high level monsters. Thanks.

So I just recently got dragon butterfly and boots eyeglasses, both are nice and im pleased together but one thing I realy realy realy realy want are monster legs! Right now I dont have that kinda money and I had to give up my ring of stone, so there's no way im selling my white beret or amulate of glory (t)! So far the only safe method I know of making 1mil is by collecting swamp toads and bringing them back to the lender in gnome village where the magic tree and yew tree's are. Also I went into the ge and it stated 3200 swamp toads= 1mil and 500k.

Sad since it took me nearly two hours for 300K from swamp toads maybe that was because the radio was on and I realy was dreaming, so now that legs are down 100k then they were im searching for a way simply to create 800k with no killing creatures. No collecting stuff in dangorus area's no barrows bro's since I only have 22 prayer. No wilderness since mages always kill me. So its got to be somthing safe somthing were you dont lose your stuff somthing fit for me a lvl 69 cb. So for one to help me are my abilities not all but anouth for one to recomend me somthing. 42 mage / 61 assault / 32 crafting / 42 fishing /50 woodcutting / 28 ranging / 60 def / 45 cooking.

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