I been away RuneScape for a couple of years

Hi everyone, been away runescape gold 2007 for a couple of years now but decided to return about a month ago today. Since that time, I have been questing and want to work on training my range level. In all honesty, I've probably been doing this'incorrect' as I am not certain what may have changed there since the EoC, as I wasn't around for this! Haha. My question would be, at level 57 ranged and hoping to reach 70, what would you guys recommend concerning gear to use and what to train ?

I have nearly 1m in the bank (the dramatic fall of the Abyssal Whip has done me no favours!) And if I sell my present range gear I would likely have about 1.2m. I am currently training on pyrefiends and utilizing the following equipment: Archer helm/Helm of Neitiznot, gloomy d'hide body, blue d'hide chaps, gloomy d'hide vambraces, Ava's Accumulator, dragon boots, amulet of glory, magic shortbow and mithril arrows.

Additionally likely worth noting as I've above my ranged level is now 57 (not much from 58) and also my defence level is 64. ( After a lot of research, I discovered that highest stats are on Mage's batwing boots, are there any greater boots? , and are there any penalties to wearing them as a melee?) Why should even wear rune armor at all!? ( Except for Vs Ranged) Is it just me or the new changes made Melee the new underdog in pvp? Can somebody who just plays Melee pk rather well? ( and what is the best place for him to accomplish that) Is your Amulet of Str unworthy now? ( I don't know the whole crit thing). Thanks for taking the time to browse my questions.

So I am preparing a new collection of Adventures for the next skill log. I'm unsure at this time what I really want to do however. I sort of want to stay away from"getting that 99!" Trigger well I am just not like that haha. I favor more tangible goals/etc over getting a 99.

One Adventure I really do KNOW about is divination. I don't like it but I really do want to train it at least some...I'm somewhat wanting to carry out on it till they come up with better coaching experience fashions because of it haha. (I am presuming 48-70 is a fair goal for me for it at the moment) Another Adventure I am somewhat curious about is trying these new instanced boss struggles * KK etc) even if cheap RuneScape gold it's only on the easiest level at the moment.