How would she start out having Audie

Wait but the villager Audie is Peppy however, your island can only begin with Animal Crossing Bells a single Sisterly and yet another Jock villager

How would she start out having Audie

I might be remembering incorrectly but in among her Animal Crossing videos I believe she started with you. Also this might be a crazy thought but what if Nintendo purposefully did to her match? Okay typing that out made it even harder but what should

You can't start away with Peppy villagers and she says in the video she has never seen Audie. I hate this subreddit seems super determined to force this narrative that Audie that the villager is an homage to grandmother with literally no evidence - then people will just make things up to match the story like on your comment.

Nah, I mean. . It's pretty weird tho they come out with a new villager named Audie just as the video of this lady showing off her island becomes viral? For 4-5 months I've been convinced of the truth though. Why uncertainty it? Was not Audie relatively new before?

Why doubt it? Not a single person from the localization group has said a word about it.

I am fine with the fan theory it just annoys me when folks go beyond that and assert it as reality, or move even farther beyond and start saying things that are really fictitious, like the person I reacted to Buy Nook Miles Ticket promised that Audie started with Audie.