How to Use Pramiracetam

How to Use Pramiracetam

Usually, Pramiracetam buy online occurs in three different forms, i.e., tablets, capsules, and powder. If you are a new user, you should note that its flavor has been likened to that of “alien vomit” or “battery acid.” You could also suffer from a pramiracetam burn if you decide to take it sublingually.To get more news about pramiracetam dosage, cofttek official website is the best place for you.

Many people prefer taking Pramiracetam capsules as compared to other forms. That does not, however, mean that the tablet form is not as effective; the only difference is that the powder and capsule forms have a fast absorption rate. With the capsules, you are not also likely to suffer from a Pramiracetam burn.

The nootropics Pramiracetam is best taken with fat since it is not water-soluble. For instance, you could take it with a spoonful of unrefined coconut oil. It is also recommended that you take it after a meal or a snack.

Research done so far show that a Pramiracetam dosage of 1200mg daily will give you the desired effect. You could divide it into two 600mg doses or three 400mg doses. Splitting the dosages ensures that you feel the effect all day since the Pramiracetam half life is four to six hours. Consequently, you will have the same drug levels all day.

Additionally, the Pramiracetam peak concentration is reached within thirty minutes; hence, you do not have to keep waiting to feel the effect.

The 1200mg dosage, however, is not fixed; you could use the amount that you feel works for you. Some people have great Pramiracetam reviews at a lower dosage, while others may need a higher dosage. However, it is best if you test the dosages first by starting with a lower dosage as you gradually increase it.

Often, it is used in combination with a choline source such as Citicoline or Alpha-GPC. The reason for this is because supplements belonging to the racetam family are known to reduce acetylcholine levels in the brain. Hence the combination enhances synergistic effects on cognitive function.