How To Create Coupon Codes With WooCommerce

How To Create Coupon Codes With WooCommerce

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With this in mind, customers are perhaps more sensitive to prices than at any other point in history. After all, why would you pay $500 for a product when the exact same model is available for $100 less?

You don’t even have to traipse across town, either; you’re just a few mouse clicks away from the cheaper price. It’s a no-brainer, right?

This has turned online customers into a group of serial bargain hunters.

Today I want to help ensure that your eCommerce store appeals to online customers’ hunger for a bargain. Let me show you exactly how to run a pricing promotion using coupon codes with WooCommerce.That’s a tutorial for another day, though, as I want to focus this tutorial specifically on how to set up a coupon code with WooCommerce. With this in mind, I’m going to go ahead and assume you’ve already got a WooCommerce-powered shop up and running.

To create a coupon, simply click WooCommerce > Coupons from within the WordPress dashboard. Go ahead and create your first coupon by selecting Add Coupon.

Start by creating the code for your coupon at the top — this is the code customers will apply at the checkout to get their discount. It’s also worth adding a brief description below to help you remember what the coupon is for.If you’ve picked one of the % options, the number used here will determine the % discount. If you picked a fixed discount, it will determine the amount off in dollar-terms — or your store’s default currency.

I’ve gone ahead and added ‘25′ in this field, which means I’m offering a $25 discount on the regular price.

Further down, you can offer free shipping with a valid code, simply by checking the Allow free shipping checkbox.Want to get the highest quality products with the lowest prices while shopping?visit homepage