How to choose door and window hardware?

Door and window brands have relatively high requirements for hardware, and the gap between brands is also relatively large. When choosing, you can compare more, not afraid of not knowing the goods, but afraid of comparing goods. How to choose door and window hardware? 4 metre bifold doors The details of doors and windows cannot be ignored:

1. Look at the corner

Everyone knows that the final quality of doors and windows has a relatively large relationship with the processing capacity of the processing plant, and one of the important indicators is the corner fight. The connection of the two profiles at the corners of a good door and window is to connect with aluminum corners, and then use a corner assembly machine to squeeze the profiles and corners together, and then inject two-component glue into the holes to cure the corners together. Commonly used low-quality practices include: splicing without corners, without curing glue with corners, or just hitting the mouth to deceive consumers. In addition, you can also judge the quality by touching the seams of the group corners with your hands. The smoother the group corners, the better the processing quality.

2. Look at the tape

In order to ensure the sealing of doors and windows, a large number of rubber seals are used for the doors and windows of the system. Good seals must be elastic, bright in color and not easily deformed. At the glass frame, good doors and windows use rubber strips, and many manufacturers make them manually. This is not the standard practice of good doors and windows. black sliding doors interior

3. Look at hardware

For doors and windows, hardware is the most apparent thing, so the selling points of many door and window factories are also on hardware. The quality of hardware mainly comes from reasonable design, proper materials and fine processing. pella 8 foot sliding glass door prices

4. Look at the glass

Glass has always been a weak link in home improvement doors and windows, occupying 80% of the entire door and window area, and plays an absolutely important role in the realization of the functions of doors and windows. Many door and window manufacturers avoid talking about glass, mainly because most of the processing plants are small factories. aluminium bi folding patio doors