How to Access the Bonebound Hidden Chest in World of Warcraft

How to Access the Bonebound Hidden Chest in World of Warcraft

As players explore the afterlife in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, they will come across several treasures in each of the four Covenant home world zones. Often, players will need to find a way to reach or unlock hidden treasures. These hidden treasures often come with a name and may even be marked on a player's map, signaling to players that they contain better loot than a normal chest would. In Maldraxxus, which is the domain of the Necrolords, players can find a hidden chest in an elite-filled cave called the Bonebound Chest. Even players who did not choose the Necrolord Covenant can seek out this hidden chest, but they will likely need to fight to reach it.To get more news about buy wow boe items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

The Bonebound Chest's loot table contains 73 items, four of which are reserved for members of the Necrolord Covenant that can be turned to Anima. There are plenty of interesting zone-specific drops, as well as the chance to pick up quests, armor items, and even weapons. The chest has three possible spawn locations near the three cave entrances. Here's how to reach the hidden Bonebound Chest in Maldraxxus in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

The Bonebound Chest can be found near the House of Chosen in southwestern Maldraxxus. Players will need to first find Unfallen's Sanctum. Here, there is a separate area called Ragebringer Terrace that includes the caves players will need to enter to reach the treasure.

The Bonebound Chest will appear as an icon on the player's map when it spawns. Players will need to pay attention to where the icon appears to know exactly which cave entrance they will need to use. The Chest can spawn at 30.5, 77.8; 36.3, 81.6; or 40, 74.8.

At Ragebringer's Terrace, players will find three entrances to the caves below House of the Chosen, each with identical doorways. The location of the Chest icon should tell players which entrance to use.

From the entrance to the Terrace, if the Chest icon appears on the map to the east of Unfallen's Sanctum between House of the Chosen and Seat of the Primus, players should enter the first door on their left. To reach the treasure, players will need to enter the cave and turn left when they reach the Elite Atrok the Ashen hammering on an anvil.