Herblore or prayer would be the first two skills

I got 100 mil as a player in Treasure Hunter and rs 2007 gold I do not wish to waste it. I am not trying to brag, I just don't know wtf I am supposed to do with this money. I am a really new player (400 total amounts ) and I need to place it back into getting more money or skilling, or at least that's what I believe I must do. I haven't become skills and a mechanics like crafting or homes. Thank you guys in advance!

Hold it. Game skilling can be accomplished through casual training and quests. It's the push throughout the last several levels where prices start to pile up. Spend it on battle gear as soon as you can. Assuming you spend time killing things of course. I'd be ready to say hold off cb gear a bit 20, if they are a p2p player. My ironman account has complete gear from smithing and working mining, therefore T70 and upward is they have to purchase unless they wish to make the equipment.

As others have stated, stick it on your bank and forget about it, after your abilities begin getting beyond 75 begin to use it on buyables and equipment and then go right ahead, preferably equipment that may help you get it back such as pvm gear. Go to the wiki and also look at the list of money making guides, pick one that you'd like to do and as soon as you're near the amount to perform it utilize that 100m on equipment, gear, prayer /tablet, etc..

Herblore or prayer would be the first two skills you should use money on. As both of these abilities are crucial into dividing into end content. Everything you can gradually get over time and are you mind telling me what is really good about Prayer and Herblore? Specifically what they provide you with the ability? Prayer permits you to halve damage and theres a different prayer called soul split at par 92 that fixes you, once you do some quests. Herblore permits you to make stat boosting potions that are imperative for bossing.

My advice would be to buy one bond for membership if you don't possess it and to concentrate all your efforts to buy osrs gold safe on coaching until you max smithing. This will give you multiple options to create 3-4 million+ an hour in fairly afk manners (smelting pubs or smithing masterwork items), which will be your very best money making options for a long time. If you go this route, start your practice by completing the quest that is short The Knight's Sword. It saves you hours of coaching the early few dozen degrees and takes 10 minutes.