H13 (9008) 360° LED Headlight Conversion Kit

H13 (9008) 360° LED Headlight Conversion Kit

The LED headlight kit was design to replace the existing old halogen and HID headlights in your vehicle. Upgrade your headlights to brighter and better in less than 20 minutes; just plug the LED headlight to the original headlight socket and you’re done!To get more news about H13 LED headlights, you can visit iengniek official website.

Efficient heat dissipation

Upgrade with high performance dual ball bearing fan, with 12, 000 rotations per minute, it provide a faster, more efficient heat dissipation that beats 90% of the headlamp’s cooling system on the market.

Bring daylight to the dark night

Each of the LED headlight can provide up to 8000lm high efficiency brightness, combine with 6500K crisp white; these headlights will turn night into day, allowing you to see every details on the road in front of you.


Comes with 1 year product warranty for customer’s rights and benefits, satisfaction guarantee.

Our mission

In TorchStar, our goal is to provide quality energy-saving lighting products for our customers with affordable price. With the expertise in the LED technology, our product not only superior in performance but also make your lighting experience more enjoyable and comfortable anytime, anywhere.