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Well, there have been a couple of very interesting snake episodes this season I wanted to share with you. Have you heard of "Snakes on a Plane"? Well, how about snake on a helicopter. Yes, you heard it right. I'll suggest some ways technology could be used to improve events like the non debate the Democrats put on last week. I'll close with my product of the week: Amazon's new Echo Show 5, which has taken the lead for price performance among digital assistants. President's inability to tell the truth, you'd think that if they put on something called a "debate" it would include some debating.

I challenged us to address the financial sustainability of our city's rapid growth. And, I urged us to be willing to step out of the old ways of doing business.I believe that together, we have accomplished this and more.Very early in our new term, we were required to fulfill one of our key responsibilities as a Council the appointment of a new Chief Administrative Officer.The openness of our process was well praised and our CAO Ann Pappert has continued in that spirit of openness with her accountability to Council.Council sought leadership to begin the transformation of our local government we envisioned a more integrated, open, agile, stream lined and tech savvy local municipality.The Corporate Strategic Plan that the CAO delivered was hard fought not surprisingly the change it signalled was resisted by some and it lays out a path to ensure our local government remains relevant to the people it serves.While this work may not be compelling to all citizens, it is critical to sustaining quality services and building a vibrant city.On a more tangible note, we began this term by welcoming Canadian Solar to Guelph. Over the past four years, Guelph has continued to attract thousands of jobs and millions in investment.The Hanlon Creek Business Park was brought to market this required a perseverance and loyalty on behalf of several individuals that has been under appreciated at times.We can be very proud of the programs, partnerships and the positive brand that our entire Enterprise Team has achieved through their hard work and dedication to Guelph's economic success.Our successful advocacy with our neighbours for all day, two way GO train service from Toronto puts Guelph in the heart of Ontario's innovation cluster and it will bring jobs and economic growth to our city for years to come..

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