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How New Jersey's push to legalize could wow classic gold impact Staten Island?Experts predict marijuanacould be available for purchase in New Jersey within a year following recently elected Gov.Should marijuana be legalized? Here's what 2,000 of our readers said.Back in December, SILive asked its readers to take a quick, 10 question survey to get their opinions aboutmarijuana. The following is a look at the unscientific results.Staten Island marijuana dealer scoffs at dispensariesTo get a sense of what could happen, the Advancespoke to "Joey," a 25 year old lifelong Staten Islanderwhohas been illegally selling large quantities of weed for the past nine years.Driving drugged? These are the cops training officers how to catch you.Sgt. Donald Schneider and Police Officer Timothy Kessler recently visited the Advance to discuss the Impaired Driving Awareness Course and their roles as drug recognition experts.

According to the complaint, a woman was sitting in a vehicle, with her male cousin standing outside the vehicle, when a suspect, later identified as Harris via a photo array, approached them and pulled out a gun, saying, know what time it is. The male victim told the suspect he could have his phone and money. The complaint said the suspect took the victim phone, keys, cigarettes and $50 in cash.

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE TWO STARS (PG 13) All this gloom and doom is just the pits. Ben Affleck and Hery Cavill are just stiffin' around, significantly immobilized by costumes and the screenplay, which overflows with the ham handed psychosomatic muck that defines them, poorly. Later, both their eyes will glow as they glower at each other, Batman's acting as headlights in his helmet, Superman's burning red with his heat vision, and the imagery is, like, symbolic of things and stuff lurking somewhere in all this unfocused thematic slop.

BURBANK, Calif. The Overwatch League christened its inaugural season this month in largely the same ways as any professional sports league's opening day. The very best players in the world donned uniforms representing their teams. The evolution of the cristobalite hazard is investigated from crystallisation in volcanic settings to its potential effect on biological systems, through a series of petrological, physicochemical and toxicological studies. We rationalise the presence of metastable cristobalite below its stability field in all domes studied by way of a textural investigation, and conclude that the incorporation of aluminium and sodium into the silica structure facilitates crystallisation. Since particle toxicology is dependent on composition and structure, the observation of cation substitutions is expanded in a geochemical and thermodynamic investigation of volcanic cristobalite to constrain its mineralogy.

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