Enhance the runescape API for clans and customers

Now lets put it in the formulation: Currently the strongest monster in OSRS is. In my assumptions are accurate, the Prifddinas Rabbit's 1601 battle level could make it the most powerful monster in RuneScape gold. I was considering doing that but then again I don't completely hate myself. I actually wanted to begin a conversation. If someone wishes to do that and get more accurate numbers because of its Attack and Defence degree, then they are certainly welcome.This would be the ideal way to do it. A large data set will probably converge on the optimal stats. The attempt of OP is guesswork at best. That being said, I don't plan on dying to this thing hundreds of times to get the data set.

Right now I have hobbled together a hacky whacky discord bot for our runescape clan, I am scraping the public clan index(html) in their site for user's,online status, membership status,position, and ign(to coincide together with my database). The membership status strangely has to be asked after the page loads within an ajax call. An ajax telephone that loads everything else already. Then I am scraping each users runemetrics profile for the capped/visited in adventurers log, Along with quests and levels. This way I reach 99 levels and could declare in chat if clanmembers quests.

So far I can let clanmates do skills and quests for an summary of the stats, Along with capped and caps for indicating you have capped at citadel and list of caps with rudimentary verification(as far as runemetrics lets tbh). I am scraping against each individual RuneScape players runemetrics profile every 5 minutes and also the people clanpage/online standing every minute. As a developer I am both amazed at what I have been able to accomplish and disgusted by how things operate in their side. Can we please get a suitable oauth2 break api for: clans therefore I can lookup a list of clan members, citadel resources, RuneScape players that have restricted, skillplots etc. break api for runemetrics so that I can look up users in our clan for our discord functions. Runescape is a game and discord brings it together.

I must imagine Jagex simply did not anticipate anyone beyond their number to really must call to the API. And like RuneScape sport itself, the site is just nineteen decades of accumulated spaghetti, piled up as the times when Andrew Gower consumed that first bowl of glorious ramen. I can not say I am too hopeful that the head honchos at Jagex are eager to invest in eventually paying off those nineteen years of technical debt, even as they break two apparently unrelated components of RuneScape game for every one they spot, week upon week. Jagex's developers look plenty occupied only keeping up with all the insatiable monetisation demands to buy osrs gold safe of the investors, and as they hemorrhage talent in the chaos of a change of possession, they can hardly afford to then crank out new content in addition to all that. At least, that's the story I abide by to help myself sleep at night.