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The branch length in high speed TTL circuit should be less than 1.5 inch. This topology takes less space and can be terminated by a single resistor matching. However, this wiring structure makes the signal reception asynchronous at different signal receiving ends. The following is the information about the 6 mm thick tu883 high-speed backplane, hoping to help you better understand the 6 mm thick tu883 high-speed backplane.

EM888 PCB Function: Low DK and DF, excellent electrical performance Low cte2.4% (50-260 ℃) Excellent CAF resistance Halogen free, antimony, red phosphorus For high speed servers, networks, and telecommunications applications Characteristic: Halogen free, fill, Low loss Centigrade temperature: 170 ℃

Dk / Df @ 10 GHz: 3.7 / 0.0073