Egg knocking machine

Taixing Lijun Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of egg processing machinery and equipment and continuously develops various types of egg knocking machines, and shelling and peeling production lines.

Lijun Machinery Factory major in manufacturing and selling egg process machines.

The main products are the egg peeling machine, egg breaking&cracking machine, quail egg peeling machine, salted egg & liquid egg production line, egg knocking machine.

The egg knocking machine produced by our company uses the principles of physics to knock eggs, which can meet the needs of white and brown eggs.

We mainly have five capacities of egg knocking machine for choose: 4000eggs/h,8000eggs/h,10000eggs/h,24000eggs/h,40000eggs/h. We also offer a professional eggshell and liquid separating machine for you.

This egg knocking machine is widely used in bakery, eggs powder factory, liquid egg processing factories, food-related egg liquid factory, etc.