Egg Breaker Machine

Egg breaker machine, as the name implies, refers to beat the egg white and yolk of the egg into egg liquid, and to beat the egg white and egg yolk to foam separately.

A commonly used egg breaker machine is divided into two types: a manual whisk and an electric whisk. However, because the manual whisk is small, the power is small, it is not easy to whisk things, and the product is easy to burn, resulting in a poor egg whisking effect.

The egg breaker machine on the market is generally a handheld machine, which is inserted into the egg liquid to quickly stir. Although this kind of whisk can be more effective for whisking things, it cannot be used in larger food production. Repeated operation many times is likely to cause fatigue of the operator so that the operation safety will decrease.

A large egg breaker machine includes a base, a bracket, a fixed frame, and a motor box. The bottom of the electric whisk is fixed with a base. The other end of the bent rod is hinged on the fixed frame through a fixed pin, and the bent rod can rotate around the fixed pin. A motor and an acceleration box are arranged inside the motor box, the motor is connected to the bending rod through a reduction box, and the motor is connected to the stirring frame through an output shaft.