Easy Ways to Get Rich in Growtopia

In this article, you will learn how to earn world locks quickly. This is for new Growtopians and pros. These are some methods which I use to earn world locks. Hope you guys appreciate it.

Well, you can always hang around in BUYGHC and lowball everyone like most of Indonesians does. Thank god I'm Indonesian so I can say insult them in a more detailed way.

But seriously, try profiting from trades. Many people are gonna say your a profiter but like that matters anyways. Best worlds to do it is in SEEDS and BUYGHC, it will take some time but it beats farming.

Heres some Growtopia Items that you can try profiting, they are a bit unstable though

-Nightmare Teenys: You can get one for around 38 or 40 if you are lucky, and sell one for around 41 or 42

-Hellfire Horns - Ruby : You can get one for around 15 or 16 dls, and sometimes people sell it for around 18

-Thingamabobs : people sold them for 40 dls right now, its a safe bet.

-Any low tier golden items (Horse, Love Bug, Heart Glasses, Necklace) : Valentine is coming, and you can try observe some of the items on what they are offered for sometimes.

These items are mostly items that I observed in BUYGHC to be the most profitable right now, not sure about the lower tier ones such as DCS, DCB, and etc. But good luck!

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