Develop EA Madden cellular and some of its own customers

They have the resources, have the coin to acquire Madden 20 coins willing to drop cash the tools, or a combination of all 3. Making them pricey only obstructs individuals or F2P low on resources from making something but gentle progress. Given how WIDE the difference is between full madden max without a madden maximum, the aspect of Madden 20 NFL can't afford to permit people to get that. It is 1 thing to have a man while we are at 98s/99. It's completely different to have men with a reducer that takes my entire teams stat profile down 4-5 in each category along with a 5k + PWR edge filled with max 99 stat players. They need to not play Madden 20 NFL whenever they're naive enough to believe they could make something to construct.

I really think this is known by them, but simply don't care. The concept that someone would play with if theses players with exceptionally high electricity is laughable for men and women in the top 50 of lvl. Each matchup of these features players with largely power, not every team, but rather a few for certain. Sure the top 100 or top 50 are less than 1% of players, but their disregard for lvl will bite on them. I also fully agree that making the expensive will only exacerbate the matter. But like most things EA is not big in the particulars.

I believe there's more to it than them overlooking the details. The whales aren't spending as much. This will make them spend more than ever. Also users that don't spend to consider spending may be forced by the big gap. That is the ultimate goal, to get users who perform for free to spend. So to get a company standpoint all these users who invest a bunch are high in overdrive and are at top leagues and they have teams that are crazy very good. This leaves the consumer that is free behind most frequently when new stuff falls. Since this is really expensive, which child might enter it and invest in a buttload of cash, if it is a child with Mommy's wallet. I think anything they tell us is simply and that it's more business than anything else.

I guess that is what I mean when I say that they do not care. This is not about user experience at all. Its about doing everything and anything to try to get a person to open their pocket. When they do tighten the purse strings, although I often invest a little money While I enjoy a game. I wish they would focus on pleasure of Madden 20 NFL more (fixing obviously broken things like defensive players warping, spotting of the ball, game making in stadium, etc) instead of figuring out each possible approach to extract cash. I will wait to maintain final judgement before the promo drops, but language like...these will be EXTREMELY only furthers the belief that it will create a divide between players.

I think there's an issue between the folks that develop EA Madden cellular and some of its own customers. We see it like a football game and they see it as a card collecting match so we worry about how a game plays because we love to play football and they fret about new cards and how the cards look and also the craft of Madden 20 NFL.I think sometimes I forget this is a card collecting game with football mini games, a thing of which I have read sport changers even state, instead of a soccer playing game. I believe I want to tattoo this on my hand so I can see it every time once I want to play,"you are playing a card collecting game dumbass not a football match".

I saw a post on yesterday inquiring in what sequence the boosts/reducers are implemented. I would like an reply cheap Mut 20 coins to this. Do the boosters get and go into effect for every non 105 players nerfed immediately do the reducer enter effect then the increase is used. These details now matter a good deal more than before.The issue is they haven't run out of stay upgrades. Hell Brady does have maxed Lamar does not have maxed out running stats, no hb is close maxed out in all stats, the list goes on and on. This is pure idiocracy at this time.EA?