Decoration preferred doors and windows

With the advent of the interior decoration season, owners who are preparing to decorate have begun to have a headache for the purchase of various materials. Among them, how to buy high-quality doors and windows has become the top priority of home decoration. We will provide you with practical guides for purchasing doors and windows, allowing you to easily decorate and stay in peace. foldable glass sliding door

Reliable materials for doors and windows

Aluminum alloy is widely used in door and window manufacturing because of its high strength, low density, high toughness and corrosion resistance. Ensure that all aluminum materials have a wall thickness of 1.2 or more, and at the same time configure hollow tempered glass to meet the national standards of sturdiness, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, firmness, safety and security; aluminium single hinged doors

Door and window processing should be fine

In addition to good materials, the processing technology of doors and windows is also very important. The doors and windows are made with meticulous craftsmanship and smooth tangent. Every punching and every polishing is a standardized operation with high standards and strict requirements. It is also an active and tireless pursuit of product quality; after multiple processes, carefully selected to ensure that each piece is produced With the best genes, almost perfect. new sliding glass door near me

Good sealing performance of doors and windows.

The performance of doors and windows is also an important factor in the purchase of doors and windows by the owners. The strength depends on the material selection of the door and window profiles, and the air tightness is mainly reflected in the structure of the doors and windows, that is, whether the inner leaf and outer frame of the door and window are tightly structured. It adopts EPDM automotive grade foam rubber strip, which has the functions of anti-insect, windproof, anti-collision, sound insulation, anti-seepage and shock absorption. It is also equipped with imported siliconized flexible tops to effectively prevent wind and dust, strong sealing, and widely applicable to high-end Home windows and doors decoration. large sliding doors room dividers