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There’s a time and a place for myths – but not when talking about male organ size. Just as it’s important to get straight-shooting facts when locating information on member health, so does a guy need to shoot down any myths about male organ size that may come his way.

Why? Well, because society places such a disproportionate emphasis on size – and it does so generally for reasons that are based more on myths than on reality. As long as guys go on thinking that it takes 7 or 8 massive inches to provide proper satisfaction to a partner , they’re going to have disappointment, potential manhood problems and lowered self-esteem.

With that in mind, let’s look at common male organ size myths.

• The average member is six inches long. For many years, this was accepted as a fact , but some more recent studies indicate that a firm member is more likely to be about 5.1” inches long. That means that many guys who are perfectly normal have thought they were “substandard” for not being the erroneously-reported 6” average – let along the sought-after 7” or more.

• Women crave a man with a long manhood. In fact, surveys indicate that, if size is all a person is looking at, most women (about 90%) are more interested in male organ width than length. More importantly , about 85% of women report being perfectly satisfied with their current partner’s endowment. (Interestingly enough, usually only between 40 and 55% of men say they are satisfied with their own male organ size.)

• Even if they don’t crave it, women still PREFER a longer manhood. In fact, for many women an above-average member can be problematic. While the female organ can stretch to accommodate a surprising range of sizes , it doesn’t necessarily do so without some pain. A woman who dates a man with an especially big male organ may find that it can take many attempts to achieve proper penetration – and many more to achieve painless penetration.

• Gay men are better endowed than straight men. This myth gained some scientific currency due to a 1999 retrospective study that did find that gay men, on average, had larger equipment. However, that study looked at data that was fifty years old. More importantly , the data was entirely self-reported – which brings into question its validity. At this point, there is no reason to suggest that sensual preference impacts male organ size.

• Hand size correlates with male organ size. Sorry, but tiny hands do not mean a tiny manhood – or vice versa. Neither does foot size. Yes, in some cases a man with a large hand or foot will have a large member , but he’s equally likely to have a moderate or small one. And the same is true in reverse for a man with small hands and a small organ. Simply more myths.

• A guy with a small member is more likely to be faithful. There aren’t really valid studies to support this myth. One study (not especially valid) found that men with a large member were more likely to cheat on their partners, which makes it easy to infer therefore that a man with a small manhood will be faithful. But there really is nothing to suggest that male organ size and fidelity are really correlated.

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