Congratulations Forex Quiz Winners!

Congratulations Forex Quiz Winners!

A reminder of the quiz rules: The winners are those who answer the quiz correctly 5 times in a row. The winner will be awarded 200 Rs! The payment will be made to the PayPal accounts. Theres no need to open an account with any forex broker.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.

  Congratulations to all the winners. We would also like to thank everybody that participated in the quiz.

  We hope youve enjoyed it and we that you enjoy our forex website and app!

  Want to see what other traders are doing in real accounts? Check out WikiFX APP. Its free.. It is an issue of which Khalid is all too well aware: a fraudster on Instagram told her she could easily turn £200 into a huge profit, but disappeared shortly after she had transferred the money.

  “I was in my room and I was miserable and depressed,” Khalid says. But her experience of being scammed did not put her off, and she decided to teach herself as much as she could about trading.

  Balde has done the same. “I‘ve never seen anyone in my immediate family just be comfortable. It’s always been a struggle and its just come to show me that yes you can be comfortable, yes you can be successful.”

  As for Khalid, its the support system around her that keeps her motivated. She has teamed up with a close friend to trade together. “She texts me trades, I text her trades. We analyse the market on FaceTime together.”

  Both women are keen to stress that currency trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme – despite what some may say on social media. They urge people to not part with money they cant afford to lose.

  Commodore also warns people off signing up to things promoted by influencers. “Deciphering whether it‘s good or not is to understand what they’re actually going to give you. If they‘re promising you money, how does that work? Is it you’ll get money based on bringing people in? Or is that you get money based on how we teach you how to trade and you trade yourself?”

  Commodore added for many, there is a strong sentiment to “give back” to their families and communities. “I think it‘s the way we go about doing it and making sure we’re doing it in a way that is ethical and has longevity in it.”