Commercial Egg Cracking Machine: Egg Washer Machine

Features of commercial egg cracking Machine:

Egg cracking machine adopts a special centrifugal mechanism design, the material is made of 304 stainless steel, and the humanized design is convenient for cleaning.

The spin screen adopts a slotted screen structure, and its mechanical strength is higher than that of a flat-screen. It is not easy to be damaged or blocked. The egg filter has no good granular impurities.

The eggshell is automatically lifted by the vertical cage and discharged through the eggshell outlet. In this way, only 1% of the eggs remain in the eggshell, which greatly improves the collection rate while the eggshell is crushed, reduces the volume, and realizes emission reduction.

Production equipment, capable of processing 1,000-20000 fresh eggs per hour

The equipment is small in size, no large workshop is needed, and infrastructure investment is small.

The investment is small, and the commercial egg beater equipment has the same output ratio as the egg beater, and the price is low.

The amount of labor is small because the machine adopts automatic liquid and automatic separation of eggshells for collection, and only manual feeding and eggshells can be manually collected.

Commercial egg cracking machine: egg washing machine

The factors affecting the purchase of commercial electric egg cracking machines are as follows:

Price factor: Because there are many specifications of electric egg cracking machines, the price range is relatively large. The market price range of commercial electric egg beaters is about 900-10,000 yuan or more. This should be selected according to the specifications and budget you need to buy.

Power factor: The power of a commercial electric motor is about 0.25Kw-3.75kw. Electric egg beaters of different specifications have different power. The higher the actual power, the higher the efficiency of sending.

If the power of the egg cracking machine is too small, if the high-intensity work will cause the motor to generate obvious heat, which will affect the life of the motor, it is often necessary to pause and wait for the motor to dissipate heat, which will seriously affect the efficiency of the beater. Therefore, when buying an egg cracking machine, people usually have requirements for the power of the egg cracking machine.

Mute factor: I believe no one wants to hear the noise if the egg cracking machine is noisy at work. Makes people irritable and restless.