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The kinds of jobs that will keep America in the lead over the long term in global markets will not be created by government stimulus programs. Good paying jobs that result in innovation and high productivity have always come from the private sector founded on entrepreneurial principles. This country needs these jobs now to reduce our unemployment rate Mike White Jersey , relieve people from seeking government assistance, and give families the financial security they deserve.

My beliefs on creating more jobs for Americans comes from firsthand experience with one of the largest companies in America and a small business with its roots as a startup in Bozeman, Montana. At both Procter & Gamble and RightNow Technologies I saw and experienced the numerous benefits that growing companies can offer in terms of security to their existing employees and opportunity to new hires. Despite their difference in size Dalton Schultz Jersey , Procter & Gamble and RightNow Technologies had many things in common with the most important being that each company was more efficient and productive with less government involvement.

America needs to unleash its innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in the workplace to compete in the global marketplace. We can only reach this objective with less government involvement in the day to day operation of American companies. We also need to reduce burdensome taxes on these businesses so that revenues can be reinvested back into company growth initiatives instead of being sent off to Washington to cover deficit spending habits. Creating an environment where businesses can thrive and grow will create jobs at home and allow America to compete at its highest level in the global marketplace.

BEIJING, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- China said Thursday it is opposed to war or chaos on the Korean Peninsula and encourages positive signals on peacefully resolving the peninsula's nuclear issue through dialogue and consultation.

"The international community will never allow war on the peninsula Dorance Armstrong Jr. Jersey , which would plunge the people into misery and suffering," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang at a daily press briefing.

Lu made the remarks in response to a five-point statement issued by the Republic of Korea (ROK) President Moon Jae-in and chiefs of four opposition parties Wednesday.

The statement urged the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to immediately stop provocation and move toward peace and denuclearization.

It reconfirmed the basic principle of peacefully resolving the nuclear issue, while agreeing to make bipartisan efforts to ease tensions.

Lu said China has always supported dialogue between the United States and the DPRK Michael Gallup Jersey , as well as dialogue between the ROK and the DPRK.

"The Korean Peninsula nuclear issue is related to regional peace and stability as well as vital interests of all parties concerned," he said. "Breaking the deadlock requires all relevant parties to show their sincerity."

He said that both sanctions and talks are requirements of UN Security Council resolutions, and that it does not accord with the spirit of UN resolutions to uphold one at the expense of the other.

On July 4 Byron Jones Jersey , China and Russia issued a joint statement on the issue of the Korean Peninsula.

The two countries put forward a roadmap on the basis of Russia's step-by-step approach, and China's dual track approach and suspension for suspension initiative.

Lu said the joint initiative took the concerns of all relevant parties into account and is worthy of consideration.

He said he hoped that all parties would make positive and constructive efforts to promote denuclearization and ensure peace and stability on the peninsula.

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