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mu legend zen MU Legend is a life-like online video game features multiplayer and PvP gameplay elements luring groups of teens indulging in it. The unique classes setting is one of the shiny traits of the MU Legend. There’re Dark Lord Whisperer Blader and War Mage for gamers to choose when in the character creation stage. One can choose only one class for the upcoming character and it cannot be changed forever once decided. If you’re new here just select the tank class as it’s the most stalwart class for rookies. Now MU Legend is extremely popular in Western Europe.

Mu Legend War Mage’s description of origin. Banished from society War Mages rely and trust themselves to be better than ordinary mages. They were expelled from society for the reason of their powerful magic deemed to be too capable and were viewed as source of evil. After been expelled from society they lived as hired soldiers as they striving for controlling their exceptional power. Upgrade your MU Legend War Mage by Cheapest MU Legend Zen. They started to build up their own spells – much more effective than those of any normal mage. They move around battlefield throwing devastating spells all with a manner of certainty and predominance.

War Mage is a mage class in MU Legend demolishing opponents by casting fatal spells out of the target’s attack range. As a sacrifice War Mage features fragile body and armors also slow pace and rare ability to escape from the siege or ambush. The War Mage's destroyer is really a powerful and colorful spell that catches a person’s vision of the user whilst the defensive performance is actually comparatively low. It is possible to make various changes to face various situations however it is difficult to manipulate on the list of Mu Legend characters.

In melee battle the War Mage can use a classic shield but above all generate a magic shield that can absorb considerable damages before it reaches its limits. To keep your opponents at bay and to avoid their mu legend zen The War Mage can also teleport themselves over short distances and inflict damages to enemies along the path.

As for Dungeons of Mu Legend there’s a guild system a quest system a skill trees and different game modes and dungeon objectives. The dungeons in this game have various difficulty levels and offers a maximum of 400% boost in loot rewards and tons of Exp boosts. What’s more you can buy MU Legend Zen to enhance your fighting power now the safety is guaranteed do not hesitate anymore.


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