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The overseas version of Tencent Video is called WeTv, which provides a very good TV watching platform for the majority of overseas users. The resources on the platform are the same as those in China, so that even if you are abroad, you can smoothly operate and view the TV you want to watch. You can watch Chinese series, movies, dramas, variety shows, special events, anime, and many more.

WeTv international version features: no ads; it supports the display of playback records, as well as detailed classification, and some videos are charged; it has viewing records and language switching, and supports automatic skipping of the beginning and end of the video; The resources of is very rich, you can search what you like with one click; the classification is detailed, the video update speed is very fast, and there is no advertisement.

In Tencent Video, not all content is free to watch, and following the price increase of iQiyi Video members, Tencent Video has also taken a step towards WeTV VIP Top Up price increases. A few days ago, Tencent Video announced that it will adjust the price of VIP members from 0:00 on April 10, 2021. Calculated by different payment methods, this time Tencent Video’s membership price has increased between 17% and 50%.

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