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Some Health Tips to keep you fit this Summer Health Articles | September 1 Cheap Brooklyn Nets Shirts , 2013 The warm summer days will ask for certain lifestyle changes to stay attuned with health. Rather than carrying a laid back attitude to see season through, summer provides you an opportunity to improve ...

The warm summer days will ask for certain lifestyle changes to stay attuned with health. Rather than carrying a laid back attitude to see season through, summer provides you an opportunity to improve or restore your health.

Summer health tips

1. Meal Mantra and Citrus Fruits: ?Eat small Cheap Brooklyn Nets Jerseys , light and frequently? is the meal mantra. The ideal breakfast in summers is a sweet and juicy fruit, such as peaches, plums Cheap Allen Crabbe Shirt , melons and pears. Citrus fruits are not just nutritious, but are also acknowledged for their cooling effect.

2. Diet Chart Modifications: Diet chart for summers should have salads, leafy lettuce and summer greens (corn on cob and cucumbers). Salads could be another way to stay cool Cheap Jarrett Allen Shirt , as they have substantial amount of water. Onion is another food option for summer owing to its ability to beat the heat and combat summer ailments.

3. Antioxidants: In case you get marred by sun stroke or heat stroke, herbal tea (green tea) or take a spoon of onion juice could be the antioxidants to bring you relief by repairing cellular damage.

4. Spicy Preparations Delicacies: Adding spices in food preparations will help you cool the body through sweating. Peppers, fresh ginger and black pepper are the best spices to retrieve cooling effect.

5. Pick your Physical Activity: Besides dietary restriction Cheap Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Shirt , one should not be casual about get outdoors to exercise. Pick an outdoor activity that you will be able to pursue. It could be hiking, or brisk walk, or cycling Cheap Caris LeVert Shirt , or swimming or even playing running games with kids.

6. Hydrate your body: Water is the best coolant. Moreover, it does not have sugars to add up to unnecessary calories. Health experts recommend the least of 8?10 glasses of water a day during summers. If you feel short of energy, a lemon and honey drink will be good options to boost your energy levels besides replenishing body's lost fluids. The feeling of being thirsty means you are dehydrated. But Cheap Timofey Mozgov Shirt , drink fluids even if you are not yet thirsty.

7. Summer Attire: Wearing loose and full-sleeved cotton clothes are recommended for summers. These protect body from harmful sun rays and aid evaporation of sweat. Summer accessories such as hat, sweat-absorbing wrist bands and eye gear are other essentials to shield you from summer heat.

8. Stay Indoors: Avoid steeping outdoors in the afternoon. Make sure that outdoor activities remain confined to the cooler parts of the day - morning or evening.

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