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To address these changes, in recent years legitimate e-mail and web site marketing was considered a non-threatening (and somewhat successful) way to reach these ?cocooning candidates.? These are in fact still viable tools, but there costly learning curves associated with them. Some recruiters have gone back to launching traditional direct mail campaigns. However, this can be an expensive and time consuming proposition to undertake with regularity. Success may be mixed until you find just the right combination of style and timing.

Moreover Wholesale Dwayne Haskins Jersey , most outreach marketing attempts essentially are competing for a candidate's attention today. Consider this:

? Only 29% of eligible job seekers visit the "Big Three" ( , , ) ? The average consumer is exposed to about 3,000 marketing messages per day.) ? 85% of people conducting research are using the internet.)

What can blogging do for you?

Recruiters (or researchers) who seek candidates for open positions, or to profile candidate requirements for the purpose of building a network pipeline Wholesale Landon Collins Jersey , there are two ways we can use blogs:

(1) The first way is to start your own blog and attract top talent to your blog site. This is not an overnight marketing cure-all, and it will require some patience. But cultivating a readership of professionals in your niche field is a highly effective means of reaching candidates who would have never otherwise learned about your career openings. The key to making this work is to learn to attract a specialized readership to your blog, just like a beacon in the night. You don't need millions of readers?Just hundreds of the right readers.

(2) The second approach is to search other existing blogs and develop contacts and relationships. This is a perfectly legitimate means of networking, as any internet page is essentially public domain information. Based on posting activity and interactions you initiate, you can easily develop in-roads and find more candidates in less time. Let's talk about both approaches.

You want to start your own blog. Now what?

How much time do I need to spend on my blog? What do I write about? By their very nature of being near real-time Cheap Sean Taylor Jersey , dynamic logs about life, blogs are frequently published mediums. I publish my blog at least three times per week (sometimes more often if I have more to say). If you are going to take the time to create an effective blog, and develop a regular reading audience, I suggest blogging at least twice every week.

How do I decide what to blog about?

Who is your audience? What message are you trying to convey? Are you recruiting for new business clients? Looking for joint venture relationships? In need of candidates who are in short supply in your market place? Are you selling products or services, or promoting your company brand?

The first step you should take is to decide on what your intended focus will be. If you write about what's wrong with our political system one week Cheap Samaje Perine Jersey , then the following week write about outsourcing IT services to India, then in week three prattle on about how beautiful your home town is in the fall, your readership will not feel a sense of community or predictability about you. This completely defeats the purpose of building trust and credibility! You would be better off making cold calls if you continue on this path.

One of my blogs (The Hiring Insider, ) shares tips and tools to help line managers, corporate recruiters Cheap Fabian Moreau Jersey , human resource professionals, etc. learn to make better hires faster (or so I hope). Week in and week out, I try to maintain a specific, consistent thread of helpful information that builds upon previous week's blog entries. However, a new reader should be able to jump in without any trouble at any time Cheap Ryan Anderson Jersey , so remember this as you plan your writing agenda. My other blog ( ) provides tips to job seekers in the life sciences field who are confused about who to trust in the pharmaceutical job market, and what practices to engage in and avoid in order to land the best possible job for their skill set. As you craft your blog entries, constantly think about who, what, why Cheap Preston Smith Jersey , where and how. Be sure to ask yourself where you are headed over time with your blog topics. Try to stay theme-related.

How do I choose a service to blog on?

There are many services available. For beginners, I recommend using (Pyra labs). Google acquired in February of 2004 ( ) and is really enhancing its features. It's also FREE. Yep, you can register for an account in less than ten minutes and be up and blogging. Other great tools include Typepad ( ) and Movable Type ( ).

Again, the most important ingredients are publishing good content, and establishing and maintaining a base audience.

However Cheap Brandon Scherff Jersey , you aren't done yet. Now that

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