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1. Kuala Lumpur No Malaysia package tour is complete unless and until you manage time to explore Kuala Lumpur. Apart from being the capital of the country Cheap Nike Air Max 2017 , Kuala Lumpur is the bewildering amalgamation of diverse culture, delicious cuisine, mesmerizing landscapes and dazzling night life. The Petronas Twin Tower is surely the most iconic architecture in the city which is a must-visit during your Malaysia tour. This tower houses some of the most plush and world-famous restaurants which serves nothing but pure bliss for your taste-buds. If you choose to dine at any of its high-rise restaurants, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the whole city while enjoying a sumptuous meal. Other famous attraction in Kuala Lumpur are Central Market, Annexe, Menara KL Tower, Perdana Lake Gardens and Bukit Bintang District.

2. Batu Cave Batu Cave from Selangor is one of the most significant and religious sites in the country. Every year Cheap Nike Air Max 1 , thousands of Hindu pilgrims visits the holy caves of Batu to pay their offerings to their deity. During the religious celebration of Thaipusam, Hindu devotes toil hard to climb up to the temple cave which is dedicated to the Hindu deity the Lord Murugan. The main temple complex houses a standing statue of the Lord Murugan which imposes an ethereal feel to its surrounding. Batu Cave is one of the most ideal places in Malaysia to enjoy cave exploration and hiking. You must include this place in your Malaysia package for a little bit of adventure.

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