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They also found the ancient city site in Koyuk Shahri wasconstructed with the rectangular facade and the round interior.

In terms of the architectural pattern Cheap Los Angeles Lakers Jersey , while the Western HanDynasty cities were preeminently rectangular, cities in westernregions and kingdoms were round. City site in Koyuk Shahri is acombination of the two, different from the other twocandidates.

Archaeologists have restored the original shape of the ancientcity through digitization. Its highest point is six meters abovethe earth, which demonstrates that above the rammed earth, thereused to be a "high-rise building with stairs."

Moreover, the side length of the ancient city wall is roughly230 meters Cheap Memphis Grizzlies Jersey , which matches the Western Han Dynasty standard.

The research program on the Protectorate of the Western Regionsis supported by the Joint Laboratory of Remote Sensing Archaeology(JLRSA), co-established by the CAS, the State Administration ofCultural Heritage and the Ministry of Education in China.

Besides, the RADI has participated in the searching forYangguan, an important pass on the Silk Road fortified more than2,000 years ago Cheap Miami Heat Jersey , as well the first Paleolithic cave site found innorthwest China' s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

"The remote sensing technology can adapt to differentlandscapes. We hope that in the future, more mature technology canbe applied to more archaeological work," said Zhu Jianfeng, aresearcher at RADI. Enditem

STOCKHOLM, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- Volvo Trucks would start selling electric medium-duty trucks in Europe in 2019, the company said Tuesday in a statement.

"Electro mobility is fully in line with Volvo Truck's long term commitment for sustainable urban development and zero emissions Cheap Milwaukee Bucks Jersey ," president of Volvo Trucks Claes Nilsson said.

Electric trucks drastically reduce noise and exhaust emissions and open up for new ways to manage logistics. More transport assignments can be carried out at night and fewer trucks need to compete for road space during rush-hour, the company said.

"Our technology and knowhow within electro mobility are based on proven commercial solutions already in use on Volvo's electric buses, and solutions that were introduced in Volvo's hybrid trucks as far back as 2010. The vehicles themselves are only one part of what is needed for large-scale electrification to succeed," said Jonas Odermalm, head of product strategy medium duty vehicles at Volvo Trucks.

"We believe in full electrification for urban distribution as a first step. However, we are working with electrification for other transport applications. This is only the beginning Cheap Minnesota Timberwolves Jersey ," Nilsson added.

Today everyone desires to have a healthy body but in the era of chemicals it’s not an easy task to do. There are many beauty and health products available in market but due to the fact that they are stuffed with mostly chemicals and artificial ingredient they have adverse effects rather than doing any good. That makes it really important to follow a natural path for healthy life.

We face many skin problems on day to day basis, having freckled skin is adverse of them all. Freckles are unevenly distributed melanin pigmentation occurring on the skin. These brown spots can appear early in life, due to genetics, or they may appear late in life after years of sun exposure. Some of the natural ingredients removing freckles are:

Citric juice: One of the best things to naturally get rid of freckles is citric juice. Cut up one lemon, orange or lime and squeeze the juice into a container. Mix in 1 tsp. yogurt so you have a paste. Apply the paste onto your face and let it dry before rinsing with cold water.

Radish: Radishes contain a natural bleaching agent that lightens freckles. Grate one radish and mix it with the juice of one lime. Place in a food processor and blend well. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it on to dry. Once it has dried, rub your face vigorously and wash with cool water.

Cranberry or Strawberry Paste: Regular use of strawberries and cranberries can naturally eliminate freckles due to the citric acid contained in the fruit. Mash cranberries or strawberries in a bowl and rub the mixture onto your face. Leave the paste on your face until it is thoroughly dry Cheap New Orleans Pelicans Jersey , and then rinse with cold water.

Sour Milk: The natural lactic acid in sour milk provides a gentle peeling affect on the skin, without any of the irritating or drying effects of many bleaching solutions. Use sour milk and gently bathe your face in it to help naturally get rid of freckles.

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