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Designing An Enticing Capture Page ECommerce Articles | July 19, 2008 Most of you with a home-based business probably have a data capture page, landing or splash page. If you don't, you may change your mind after reading this article. A data capture page is meant to personalize your product. It's designed to help people trust you and to also give you that personal touch. The purpose of your capture page is to get your prospects information (name Wholesale Eagles Jerseys , email, phone number).

Using capture pages to generate leads is effective and smart! Keep reading and you'll find out how to attract prospects to you by incorporating the following suggestions.

A data capture page is meant to personalize your product. It's designed to help people trust you and to also give you that personal touch. The purpose of your capture page is to get your prospects information (name, email, phone number). So don't give away the farm on the first page. Your secrets can be divulged on the second page.

You have to entice them in some way to give up their information so they can go to your second page. Offer a FREE report or ebook of some sort.

That being said Cheap Eagles Hats , the first thing that a prospect sees when they view your capture page is the title. This is the most important part of your page. Ninety percent of prospects decide whether they will continue reading the rest of your page after they read the title. So make it stand out! Using a bold font and larger text size can help achieve this.

A picture of you is also a very important component. Prospects need to see you. It doesn't matter that you think you look goofy or otherwise. They care that you are a real person. Having a photo of yourself will help to build trust.

Along the same line, you can also have a link (i.e. Meet Mree Vu) that showcases you with your family. You can have your bio written here as well as have a slideshow of your family. Pick your photos with care. Include photos of you and your family having a great time!

A short video can also be inserted on your front page. Don't make it too long. You don't want to lose your prospect's attention. Your one or two minute video can welcome them to your website or page and should direct them to what YOU want them to focus on or do on your page. Give them some direction.

When you are designing your capture page, make sure that you are dividing your page up with personal information, excitement and your product highlights. Again Cheap Eagles Hoodies , entice them without giving away all your secrets. Your second page will serve the purpose of revealing more detail about your product, compensation plan, and training. And remember that you should deliver what you promised your prospect on the first page. If you don't come through with the necessary information, you'll have lost their trust and won't hear from them.

It's not necessary to include how much you make on your capture page. That doesn't mean that you can't mention the earning potential of your product or business. For example Cheap Eagles Shirts , "How would you like to make $1000 a Day?" or "$250K potential" is a dynamic statement without giving away your personal income.

So how do you know when to send a prospect to your data capture page or your company website? You can send a prospect to YOUR capture page if you feel you need to make a connection with them. If you got your lead from an ad or a leads list, sending them to your page will let them get to know you.

If your company has a corporate website, it's probably more polished and very professional. Send your prospects to your corporate site after you've gotten to know them better.

Most prospects will decide if they want to go forward in buying your product or joining your team after they have visited your data capture page. In the fast-paced world of internet marketing, getting a prospect to know you and trust is top priority.

Having a capture page with all of the above components is your secret weapon!

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