BTC needs to break $55,900 support to extend bearish impulse

BTC needs to break $55,900 support to extend bearish impulse

Bitcoin traders keep the previous day‘s bearish bias during early Friday as the quote drops below 50-SMA to $56,930, down 1.20% intraday. The cryptocurrency major recently refreshed the day’s low with a $56,276 level, while extending Thursdays pullback from $60,079, before the latest corrective pullback.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.

  Given the quotes failures to stay beyond $60,000, coupled with the downbeat MACD, BTC/USD sellers are likely to remain dominant.

  However, a confluence of weekly support line, previous resistance, as well as an ascending trend line from February 28, currently around $55,900, offers a tough nut to break for the BTC/USD bears.

  If at all the crypto major drops below $55,900, odds of its plunge to a 200-SMA level of $52,080 cant be ruled out.

  Meanwhile, a corrective pullback beyond the 50-SMA level of $57,450 needs to provide sustained trading beyond the $60,000 threshold to recall the BTC/USD buyers.