Blizzard is testing WoW Classic’s Naxxramas raid on the PTR later today

Blizzard is testing WoW Classic’s Naxxramas raid on the PTR later today

If you come along you’ll be able to try your hand at tackling Instructor Razuvious, Gothik the Harvester, and The Four Horsemen. Blizzard does note, however, that “Gothik the Harvester’s encounter may fail to clean up properly after a wipe”. It’s also worth keeping in mind that the time may shift a tad depending on unforeseen issues.To get more news about buy gold wow classic, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

If you want to join, though, head to Light’s Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands to find, eh, Johnny McWeaksauce. He’ll provide you with a Naxxramas attunement and will teleport you into the raid. Once you’re there, his brother will give you access to consumables and reagents.

If you’ve been out of the loop, Naxxramas is a giant, floating necropolis in Eastern Plaguelands. It’s a 40-man raid that is considered to be one of the toughest in the game. It will also be part of WoW Classic’s sixth phase of content, though we don’t have an official launch date on that just yet.

If you’re looking for something else to do in the WoW Classic PTR, Blizzard also says that the Scourge Invasion is being tested.

“The basic structure of this event is that Necropoleis appear in six different zones, with crystals spawning beneath, and undead spawning around those,” Blizzard says on the forum. “Killing the undead allows you to combat the crystals, which in turn allows you to clear the necropolis and defend the zone.”

If you’re looking to get a taste, you can find the invasions marked on the map with a purple skull. They should be in Eastern Plaguelands, Burning Steppes, Blasted Lands, Tanaris, Winterspring, and Azshara.