Balticovo buys egg tearing equipment for 245 000

Balticovo buys egg tearing equipment for 245 000

The new machine tears 144 thousand eggs per day (the previous processed only 42 thousand per day), Balticovo reports.To get more news about Egg breaker machine, you can visit dinneregg official website.

“The new machinery ensures high quality egg processing in an amount we need, securing the growing demand for liquid egg products – egg mass and omelette mass on the Central European and Scandinavian markets,” – informs Chairman of the company Arnis Veinbergs.

The liquid egg department was opened in summer this year. Its power output is nearly 800 thousand to one million processed eggs in one shift. The processing plant plans to invest 35 to 45 million LVL in further modernization in the next five years.

Every day, 1.5 million eggs are produced at Balticovo. 70% of the products are intended for export.

Balticovo’s market share in Latvia is close to 40%. Since 2005, the company has invested 35 million LVL. It turnover was 19.5 million LVL in 2008, 22.5 million LVL in 2009, 21.2 million LVL in 2010 and 23.3 million LVL in 2011.