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Over the long run, I see my organization employing more than just one wierd (younger) employee to work on this. I don't really know what a development strategy for this looks like. Maybe you have examples or ideas? Or perhaps you know of examples of 'new media' products or examples that I could show them that other organizations have used? Or tools that I could use to cheaply and quickly cobble together some kind of prototype to introduce the idea to them?.

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It goes without saying that thanks to increasingly cheap processing power, the effects for SGU are miles ahead of even SG Atlantis. And although the early series writing was a little slow, and clunky, and even dreadfully self aware, I am standing here at the geek bar upending my empty beer glass and challenging any man or chicky babe present to back up their claims that the show is going nowhere with their rhetorical fists. I'll 'ave you.

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