Another instance of confusion in RS

Utilizing things such as the trail, objective notifications, and pressured cutscene dialogues, they end up making everything feel far more on railings than it is. They birdshot old school rs gold players. Consistently much much to allow them remember or to digest nearly all of it. It invariably leaves the new experience a lost and confused one. 1 thing Jagex will never do is have a longer has off approach. What I think would work is to loose all th hand holding trappings. They have to understand they could engage wih that articles in their own terms where they are.

Drop them off in Taverly. Have a crier nearby and at each town they visit that yells useful info. The heralds could say things like"Want to learn how to fight well? Stop by the battle academy in Lumbridge" or"Want to delve into the first dungeon to reap excellent rewards? Head to Gunnar's Ground!" And always following a cat message"Talk to me for more information." Engaging a crier could bring up a list of'tell me ' options as well as the option to get a 1 time teleport to objective locations. Having a herald in every town the Runescape participant of their own volition could jump around to the set up tutorial material as they see fit or dismiss it entirely.

But don't force them into cutscenes and drop trails on those who hey do not understand how to get rid of. Give them the tools and awareness of those. But let's find out things and explore. You don't teach a child to drive a vehicle by catching the wheel and keeping your foot over the brake.The Ui is an absolute and utter mess. I still get confused. After 15 years I have trouble understanding of the pop ups and such and finding options. Another" problem" is they are constantly messing with the ui and they're never very good. There have been times theyve done this multiple times in a calendar year. I know where options and setting are because they are constantly changing menus or don't have sufficient time to develop muscle memory and such.

Another instance of confusion I had is old school runescape buy gold that I had been mining a couple weeks ago, draining my ore box into my bank, and the ore was not there in my bank free of pop up. Ended up reporting a bug report. Until I discovered here on reddit that when you click on the option"vacant to bank" in the lender port, it sends it to your ore stash at artisans workshop. Which did happen to my understanding. They expect everyone to read each post, watch every flow, read every patch notes to comprehend what's going on. And I am still on the wiki, on reddit, on youtube trying to determine what's just as much as I'm playing Runescape game. And this is within a year of game time, well after 15 decades. If I take a month break I am lost occasionally.