And you've got 10/15 seconds to perform it

Strategy: Visit Karil first. Pray attack prayers, strength prayers, and protect from range, and strike him with OSRS gold your special attacks. Finish him off with your ice spell. Run out. Go to Ahrim. You should still have nearly 30 prayer points. Switch to range gear, pray magic (and buff eye if you have it). Run out if he's dead. Proceed into Dharok next. Now, you must have about 1-5 prayer points left. Pray melee for his very first strike, hit him once with ice hockey blitz, and step away. You can normally get in 5 hits; he will begin moving on the fifth strike, so you should be far from him if you would like to get in 5, otherwise just hit him 4 times and then hide behind his grave. After a few moments, run to a corner and struck him again before he reaches you, and replicate. Finish him in such a fashion.

Take on the rest 3 brothers in the same manner you did Dharok in almost any order you choose. What to do for the tunnels: Depending on which brother you get from the tunnels, set your quick prayers into the suitable protection. When he appears, don't panic (you are going to survive the first few strikes ), prayer pot quickly, and reach fast prayers. Finish him. The thing which will consume the majority of your food is your tunnels, so understand the design and reach the torso as quickly as possible. When you get to the puzzle, if you are not exceptionally fast, take one step back from it, hit the monster attacking you using a ice spell, and you've got 10/15 seconds to perform it.

I got 62 slayer at this time, trying to get 85 slayer for Abyssal Demons. I can not get on at this time, and I need their stats while I've got this free time in school to plan a set of equipment, etc. . Abyssal Demons. Do they utilize Melee, Magic, or Ranged? Are they weakest to Melee, Magic, or Ranged? What food should I bring that is cheapest for money to HP? If I deliver Guthans for the healing effect, even though it degrades?

How much time does it take to get the Enhanced Excalibur? Are there any tricks to faster kills of Abyssal Demons? Can a +95 battle (When I struck 85 slay I believe ) be able to manage them easily? Are Abyssal Demons strong or weak for 120's? Can I need them as a job to buy RuneScape gold fight them? Do I need to have any task to combat them?