And electricity creep within RuneScape

Folks are PKers, it is not the gear that has changed so muchbetter. G Maul existed during that interval. So as you are expecting someone in rune will whip you quad spec and try with DDS, they're going RuneScape gold to handed you into whip flick for full HP. Players have evolved and grown up along with RuneScape. You are never going to get your noob PKing back. In addition to that, the very last thing we need is to further segment the PKing inhabitants.

I don't believe anything would be achieved by this. Mind you I do play RuneScape anymore, only still following it. The reason I stopped is because after the initial nostalgia kick wore away, I realised that it will not ever be the same since. People are simply too good at RuneScape now and it has been many years that what has been figured out. The internet is much bigger than it was over a decade ago and you will find far more resources available to find out information.

The above applies to not pking but pretty much anything else related to RuneScape. Because of these things, it is not likely to be exactly the same. If you attempt to force people into worlds with restricted gear there'll be a first novelty but it won't last and people will get bored because everyone knows how to play efficiently, so they will want their fast switches with OP weapon specials and shit.

This could work and ive wanted it for quite a very long time. The drawback is now, one which stands. Gmaul instaspec is broken up in pvp. If these worlds had gmaul itd be the same shit as pvp but with shittier gear. If 1tick change into dds spec is the best you can pull people off will go to these worlds and struggle. Meta pkers wouldnt because everybody would walk from any fight with a man eating beyond 80 have fun. Noobs could pk and understand and might since if they got rekt the assortment of surprises would make getting rekt intimidating in the first place. I had been cimbo eat vs people who mix ate and did fast switches and had fun because you used to have 120 stacks just once an eclipse.

We need. RuneScape has changed too much and the pros and elderly players are being alienated by a plethora of changes the new playerbase welcomes. Sad to see that, frankly, as the elderly playerbase is the entire reason for the existence of OSRS.I would only request 1 server and 1 server retains four times less. 8k players concurrent doesn't mean only 8k players have been subscribed, as well. And while you've been enjoying OSRS since day 1, I have been playing since 2001 and I understand a great deal of players who've left RuneScape because it's just a different game and the attention has shifted too radically, same with participant mentality.The old playerbase isn't the same as the brand new one; there are stark differences between those groups. It is simple enough to see for long time players.

And electricity creep within RuneScape is only going to continue to adversely impact PKing in the Wilderness. There really isn't a fantastic way to reign it because PVM will constantly want more harm. It's only a matter of time before Jagex must make the choice to make PVM and PVP separate concerning itemization. Rather than head in this direction, I'd prefer a 2007 untouched version of RuneScape; more people PKed back then because it was very accessible and simpler; you really could not 1-tick in 2007 (something about the way ticks worked, there are posts regarding this).

That is not actually everything. As you can see, there's a bloated number of things that boost damage to buy OSRS gold and it is going to only continue to grow; instead of horizontal itemization, OSRS things have experienced fully vertical development. And you can now easily be hit over maximum hitpoints; while it had been possible previously, it wasn't nearly as common as it's now.