And to create pkers a prized target

I would add the condition that when a runescape participant does not have enough coins in their money pouch to cover their cost that is reclaim, their things will be dropped. And to create pkers a prized target, un-pouched coins must drop on death. Additionally possibly tax (~5%) dropped coins to create a small money sink. 1 difficulty I see is that the Divine-o-matic vacuum wouldn't be dropped on death, making cursed wisps OP; I would tackle OSRS GP by fully disabling its ability to store both empty and filled Divine charges.

You touch on two things. First of all, there is the death system Death stays on to your items for 24 wrestling hours. That way you have some time. And the coins would be un-pouched, as you say, for that reason! Someone also commented on making the death cost higher than 200%, but keeping the drop. The difference could be the golden sink you indicate as well, which might be simple to implement!

The other point is that the divine-o-matic. However there are when ever you die, items which always disappear, like the urn enhancer. The vaccuum could work similarly, which would not change much about the present state of wisps that are cursed. But mindset that is detailed that is great, you increase 2 importants points, thanks to that! My mind assumed that pvp deaths would subvert requiring you to Deaths office and you'd only respawn in Edgeville with all your items and a milder money pouch, and the"lost on pvp passing" mechanic would be removed.

I've really only used it to the agility course (when it was a daily challenge) and the patch for blood weed. So I was coming back in the agility class and there was a runescape player. I would have ran off but he did a stupid freeze thing. So now I recall to strip down before entering the wilderness (and use the server with the smallest amount of individuals.). I don't actually do anything much with the social aspects to runescape but I see several requirements require a group and/or clan.

It would appear that the very first experience with the wilderness is a negative one for runescape players. Possessing a'secure' death at the hands of runescape players at double the reclaim cost would nevertheless be a negative experience, but it won't place them weeks! I mean because my crafting levels to buy 2007 runescape gold have been consistently higher than 23, it didn't set me back but it was bothersome. I do not really spend money on battle equipment but farming creatures and construction.