The amount of things you may perform on Runescape

Reaching the highest combat level would become your primary priority. Levelling up Attack, Strength and Defence or OSRS gold even Magic and Range would make you stand out from the audience and be able to fight tougher NPCs and Runescape players. Later on, you'd become a member and struggle from the Duel Arena, Wilderness, Pest Control and all the other mini games. The amount of things you may perform on Runescape was unlimited and there was always something to keep you busy.

It was a long process getting to and from Port Sarim, Draynor Village's bank (because it was the closest) and walking back to Port Sarim with your fishing supplies purchased from Gerrant and paying 30gp to go to a desert island so as to fish. You'd sit there for hours fishing for lobsters with your lobster cage or swordfish using a harpoon and later sell them for a reasonable market price to earn an income.

Or maybe you were a woodcutter and invested almost all of your days chopping Willows in Draynor Village and later moving onto Yews near Falador or east of the Grand Exchange at Varrock. The greater battle level and ability levels you had, the greater you stood out from the others and your pals. Although, it wasn't all about ability grinding.Of course, as a rather inactive player, I don't have a holistic enough comprehension of the game to propose some reasonable methods of doing this. There are ways to get rid of money that have been around for years, like the sawmill, shops, etc.. They controlled inflation pretty well from 2001-2009. Evidently it isn't enough, however. Perhaps the stores' selections and prices should be adjusted so as to market more spending (like real shops, lol).

Maybe the amount of gold dropped by creatures should be nerfed, low as it may already be. Additionally, I might be confused, but maybe things seem to be moving worse today since the inflation rate is inherently exponential, whereas one's speed of acquiring GP is not. What are the guys' proudest in-game achievement (s)? Something which you felt great after you accomplished it. It may be anything, such as getting a level, a comp cape, killing a supervisor, a community thing, etc.. It had been in my list due to the importance of defense in tanking. I haven't had members since 2006 so I had to finish it in freeplay of course, which was murder. Additionally, I got it during my inactive stretch of 2007-2013. During the summers I would play for 1.5-2 hours every day to get 50k defense encounter. Even though it was a short time period, it had been such a nuisance to log in and find that since I was not really interested in the match at that point.

What saved me was that the reintroduction of the wilderness at 2011 and more importantly the shunning of Revenants into a dungeon. It allowed me to AFK at Ice Warriors in the wilderness to the 50k xp per day I got in the summer because players never uttered the place. Nevertheless took a couple of years though because I couldn't will myself to log in for over two hours, even AFK. I finally got it in the summer of 2012 and that I was relieved to get it over with. The previous time I tanked was an enjoyable war between Sals Realm and cheap RuneScape gold some other clan, at which point I had been 98 Defense.