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After the battle, about 10,000 citizens of Falador cheer Kara Meir and hail her a hero. Kara Meir, accompanied by Gar'rth, the nephew of the werewolf Jerrod, help rebuild the Monastery. Gar'rth wants to track down his uncle. Meanwhile, Theodore decides to head to Varrock using his new found fame to recruit for more to join his order. Doric has his case heard favourably and will rebuild his home. Whilst Jerrod the werewolf escapes and meets up with Sulla, who has lost his hands, once more. You can help by . (February 2014)

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Each note bears a unique series number. For example: your note may have the following number printed on it: 01A 124578. Here, 'A' is the prefix letter and 124578 is the series number. You will also find a letter in the background of the series number, known as the inset letter, that identifies the mint it has been printed in.

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