9006 HB4 Led Bulb

9006 HB4 Led Bulb

1. The external driver reduces the LED chip temperature creating a reasonable heat dissipation, helping LED chips to operate steadily in a high power situation. No matter how long you light up the bulb, it can keep in a stable Lumen value.To get more news about hb4 led headlights, you can visit iengniek official website.

2. It simulates the watts of a halogen bulb, which can fit in the 99% vehicle models with OBC error problem.

3. A Highly efficient Fan with 10000RPM/min and low noise bring you a comfortable night driving experience.

4. The beam angle of LED chips is about 150 degrees when installing in a xenon projector, there is a high brightness in the center of the standard flat beam pattern cutoff line without any dark spot, that can throw on the road with long distance. This type of LED bulb enhances the driving safety and help you find out the potential traffic accident immediately.

5. With the complicated production process, outstanding materials and compact technology process, the finished exquisite F2 Headlight bulb is suitable for e-commerce sales and display to the clients.