4 common traps used by scammers like Binomo or scam gangs in the name of Binomo

4 common traps used by scammers like Binomo or scam gangs in the name of Binomo

Abstract: Binomo: WikiFX exposed Binomo to the public many times and has been receiving huge amount of complaints from Nigerian. Binomo is a big trap without regulation and credit.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.

  In the past two months, WikiFX received more than 200 complaints against Binomo. It has to say that Binomo seems like a “virus”. Its not only an illegal broker but also there are amount of people who pretended to be staff from Binomo, running BTC and cryptocurrency businesses to defrauded investors.

  WikiFX picked up some typical cases to share with investors in the following article, in order to reminder investors again that Binomo is a liar, whether the employees are official or fake.  An investor was scammed 30,000NGN by a Facebook group named Binomo Online Trade. It can be seen that the receiver name is BINOMO TRADE TOPUP. The investor was promised that he can get 90000NGN after 45 minutes. After the money was transferred, the investor was kicked out of the Facebook group. Please be aware if you see below the group name from Facebook, please stay away from it.

Case2: Registration fee trap, the reality is that after paying registration fee, you still could not withdraw.

  A person named Mrs. Chinelo Ugwu worked under the Binomo Investment as an agent.

  An investor invested 5000NGN, after the payment was done, the agent told the investor that he needs to pay 2000NGN for the registration fee, otherwise he could not withdraw. It is worth noting that they never mention the registration fee at the beginning. Case3: COT trap. COT: cost of transaction fee

  This is a group from Instagram named Binomo. Binomo has an official website, and you may think that it indicates the broker is a real one. Unfortunately, an official website link represents nothing. Especially, those fraudsters who come from third-party social media platforms are even more unreliable.   As for this case, an investor invested 15000NGN and when it was time to withdraw, the Binomo group required the investor to pay COT. Finally, the investor did not pay COT and Binomo stopped replying to him anymore.   Attention: COT does not exist in the field of forex. COT is an excuse made-up by fraudsters, because the fraudsters do not want to return money to investors. Even if you pay COT, you still couldnt withdraw. COT fee only incurs when people need to transfer money cross border.