$20 Million California SuperLotto Jackpot Claimed

$20 Million California SuperLotto Jackpot Claimed

A California SuperLotto Plus player has come forward to collect the $20 million jackpot he won last month. Anthony Li of San Carlos hit the awesome prize after playing the same numbers in every draw for two years.Get more news about 包网公司,you can vist loto98.com

Li said he's been playing the California Lottery for five years. He chose the lucky numbers two years ago based on dates that have a special meaning for him and has played them in the SuperLotto draw every Wednesday and Saturday since then.

He bought the winning ticket from SDT Holly Shell at 500 El Camino Real in San Carlos. The retailer will be paid a $100,000 bonus.Li's dedication finally paid off when he matched all six SuperLotto numbers on September 5: 1, 18, 22, 26, 27 and the Mega number 12.

When he checked his ticket, his first reaction was disbelief. "I thought, 'There must be something wrong, it says I won the jackpot,'" Li said.

As the good news registered, Li found he couldn't stop giggling - although his wife reacted less emotionally and urged him to "calm down."

The couple stored the winning ticket in a plastic bag and hid it in a safe place until they were able to visit a Lottery office to claim.

However, when family members joined them for dinner that evening, Li was too excited to keep the news to himself and had to share it with their relatives.

What are Li's plans for the future following his life-changing win? He told Lottery officials he's got his eye on a new house and he and his wife will also pay off their cars and open college funds for their children.