World of Warcraft: Shadowlands release date, beta and everything we know

For WOW Classic TBC Gold previous expansions, the minimum requirements list 70 GB on a 7200 RPM HDD (hard disk drive), the recommended specs list 70 GB available on an SSD, as an example. However, Shadowlands will require 100 GB of SSD storage for the minimum and recommended specs. In case you missed it, then Shadowlands acquired a release date of October 27. Finally, check out 10 Souls we'd like to see in Shadowlands.

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World of Warcraft Classic started in August 2019 with lots of believing that participant numbers would drop off drastically once the rose-tinted eyeglasses came off. But the first World of Warcraft experience continues to be a huge success for Blizzard and has actually doubled the amount of gamers subscribed to WoW since before its launch last year.

Modern World of Warcraft is expecting its eighth expansion, Shadowlands prior to the end of the year - exciting things if you have kept up with WoW over recent years. But if you've drifted off as the sport has undergone various - inescapable - changes and you're looking for an MMO experience that's a bit more gritty, you could do much worse than jumping into World of Warcraft Classic.

World of Warcraft Classic became a matter when Blizzard eventually gave in following years of players calling for a return to the'vanilla' adventure of Warcraft. Players got their fix for years through various private'legacy' servers but when Blizzard ordered Nostalrius, the largest of them to close its doors back in 2016, lovers once more called for a formal'vanilla' server. Blizzard finally relented and buy WOW TBC Classic Gold announced World of Warcraft Classic during the launching ceremony of BlizzCon 2018.